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    Executive Japanese Damascus Chef Knife Set

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    Includes knife roll/case for storing and transporting.

    Are you ready to create memories around deliciously prepared meals with friends and family using a knife set that will one day be an heirloom? No corners were cut with this premium chef knife set. Crafted from Japanese VG10 high carbon steel and layered with 67 layers of Damascus steel, this premium eight-piece knife set is a chef's dream. It offers the hardness of carbon steel, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, and the sharpness needed to tackle any job. 

    What do you need in a good chef knife set? There are a few key features. Here are our top three that we look for and designed this premium chef knife set to reflect.

    1. Quality Of Materials. What good is a knife set if it looks beautiful and maybe even comes with a sharp blade, but is susceptible to corrosion? We used 67-layer VG-10 Japanese Steel that is comprised of high carbon and stainless steel to provide a metal combination that will avoid rust and stand up to the toughest of environments.

    2. Sharpness. This is an obvious one. Each of our knives is hand sharpened to 10-15°per side for an effortless slicing experience. These knives will hold an edge well and can easily be resharpened.

    3. Versatility. If you're really wanting to increase your skillset in the kitchen, that's going to require a wide range of capabilities. That means having a knife fit for the specific job at hand. Whether that's slicing, mincing, dicing, or chopping, our set has a knife specifically designed for the job.

    4. (BONUS FEATURE) Beauty: We hold the top three features above to be most important, but there's something about holding a piece of beautiful craftsmanship in your hand that will inspire you. That's what we want. We want our customers to be inspired to create memorable experiences around good food and good company!

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    • V-sharp edge accurately hand sharpened to 10-15°per side for an effortless slicing experience.
    • This chef knife is suitable for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing any fruit, fish, meat, sushi, and vegetables.
    • Crafted from 67 layers of VG-10 Japanese high carbon stainless steel ensures exceptional strength, durability, and stain resistance.
    • Vacuum heat treatment and nitrogen cooling techniques are implemented to provide the best characterization of the steel.
    • The strong burl wood resin ergonomics handle contributes to an excellent grip and perfect balance and superior control


     9.5” chef, 8” bread, 7.5” napkin, 7.5” cleaver, 7” santoku, 6” boning, 5” utility, 3.5” paring knife

    Blade Material: 67 layer vg10 Damascus steel

    Handle Material: Burl wood resin handle

    Durability: Anti-Rust, super sharp

    Blade Hardness: 60-62HRC

    Knife roll/case

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