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    Led 500 fog machine Smoke Fog Machine 2,000CFM 500W

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    This 500W Fog Smoke Machine with remote & wired control can put out 3000 cubic feet of fog per minute for creating an amazing atmosphere stage effect. Only 10 mins for warm-up which is ideal for party, disco, bar, KTV, etc.
    • Rapid warm-up: The fog machine is 500W with an output of 3000CFM. Equipped with an advanced electronic thermostat control system and special piping technology, the machine takes only 3-4 minutes for the first warm-up and 14-30 seconds for spraying.
    • Unique Remote Control: Supplied with wireless and wired remote control. You can control your fog machine within a 50-meter radius with the wireless controller; Or control it with the 3 meters wired controller.
    • Controllable Light and Visible Preheating lamp: You can turn the LED light on/off while spraying. There are light switches on the JDR smoke machine(could not choose single color). There is still a preheating lamp on the machine's control panel. When the indicator light is red that it is warming up, green is Warm-up completed.
    • Compact and portable fog machine: Built from aluminum and iron for better heat dissipation to ensure durability and a long lifespan. And hold the FCC, CE and RoHS certified for safety.
    • JDR Policy: Package includes Fog machine, Wired and wireless controller,Power cord, Handle, User Manual, Operational video,90 days no reason to refund, 180 days replacement. We are always working to optimize our product quality and user experience,for any possible defective products, just contact us in time and we will try our best to solve your problem.


    • Product name: Smoke machine
    • Color: Black
    • Size: Approx. 240x122x115mm/9.44"x4.8"x4.3"
    • Voltage: 220V-230V/110V/120V, 50-60Hz
    • Warming-up time: 4-5 minutes
    • Power: 500W
    • Oiler capacity: 0.4 liters
    • Tank Capacity: 0.5L
    • Smoke output: 3000 cfm/min
    • Output Distance: 2.5m
    • Controller: Wireless remote control 10 meters
    • Protection class: IP20
    • Light source type: LED
    • Plug: US Plug
    • Weight: 1819g

    Package Include:

    • 1x Smoke machine
    • 1x Power cable
    • 1x Control box
    • 1x Remote control
    • 1x Handle
    • 2x Mounting screws
    • 1x User manual
    • 1x Box

    Warm Notes:

    1. For your safety, make sure there is enough atomized liquid in the tank before each use and ensure the metal nozzle is completely immersed in atomized liquid.
    2. Do NOT spray directly on people and keep the fog machine away from heat sources such as fireplaces and radiators.
    3. The fog machine with lights needs to keep pressing the red button on the Wired Receiver so that it will continue spraying smoke. Or you can press the unlock button on the wireless remote control(you don't need to keep pressing the button) to start spraying smoke. And it will spray for about 20 seconds and then stop spraying to warm up again. Each warm-up time needs 3-5 minutes.

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