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    Scalp Cat & dog Massager

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    Give Your Pet A Relaxing Massage After A Long Hard Day Of Being A Cat!


    • 😻 Improved Health – Physiologically, the four massagers will boost hair stimulation and maintain healthy blood circulation flow for your cat! As a result, it enhances range of motion, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, relieves muscle spasms, and helps to flush away toxic compounds, such as lactic acid, that cause pain.
    • 😻 Improved Relationship – We all love petting our cats, so why not turn it into a great massage session? Spending quality time with your cat (or each of your cats, if you have more than one) is important to keep your bond strong. We want our cats to trust us with their lives as we provide for them, so making them feel comfortable being around us is important.
    • 😻 Helps With Stress – Your cat could be very stressed and agitated without knowing it, this massager provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress levels by over 65%!
    • 😻 Good for YOUR health – Yes, it’s true. Giving your cat a deeply relaxing massage is also good for you. Science has shown that petting animals actually improves the health of humans. It reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and elevates our moods. This is why so many pet owners tend to be happier people!

     This Scalp Cat Massager can help your cat relax and trust you more. It has 76 high and low massage points that constitute a 3D massage structure, these points would touch the body surface simultaneously, widely covering the acupoint and providing a strong pressing!

    Ofrall Scalp Cat Massager
    • Material: ABS+Silicone
    • Color: White, black
    • Massage Head: 4 Separate Heads
    • Massage Direction: Clockwise/Anti-clockwise
    • Massage Speed: 2 Levels -- Low/High
    • Application: Head, Shoulder, Arm, Waist, Leg, Foot
    • Working Time: 10 Minutes Intelligent Timing
    • Charging Voltage: 5V
    • Power: 5W
    • Battery Type: Built-in Rechargeable 900mAh Battery
    • Power Supply: USB Charging
    • Product Size: As Picture Shown
    Package Included:
    1* Electric Scalp Cat Massager 
    1* Standing Base
    1* USB Cable
    1* User Manual


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