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    shoe warmer Portable boot Dryer Constant Temperature with timer

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    The perfect breeding ground for odor and bacteria!

    And to prevent this, you need this shoe dryer!

    Dry And Constant Temperature: The shoe dryer has a built-in PTC heating element, which can destroy the living environment of shoe microorganisms through high temperature and drying, and achieve the effect of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms while removing odors.

    Annular Heating: The portable shoe dryer has an annular design. Two heating elements are on its two sides, and the area is enlarged to dry, which can evenly dissipate heat, accelerate the evaporation of moisture, and quickly restore the wet shoes to dryness.

    Porous Heat Dissipation: With the 1532 heat dissipation holes are densely distributed in the shoe dryer. When heating, a ring-shaped warm air flow is formed in the shoe space, taking into account the sole and upper.

    Timing Setting: For shoes of different materials, thicknesses or humidity, you can set the 3/6/9h timer to shut down. Let the multifunctional shoe dryer run safely and quietly. Protect your beloved shoes from overheating.

    Fire-resistant: The shoe dryer is made of ABS UL94 V0 fire-retardant materials. Compression and high-temperature resistance, are not easy to burn and deform during use.

    Small&Portable: The product size of the shoe dryer is the size of the palm of your hand. It can be easily stored in carry-on bags. It is very suitable for travel or family use so that it will not be cold this winter.



    3 indicators are red: 9 Hours
    2 indicators are red: 6 Hours
    1 indicator is red: 3 Hours
    No indicator: The shoe dryer is off


    1 pair of shoe dryers

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